Boxxy Appears And Disappears Left 4 Dead Spray

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Boxxy Appears And Disappears Left 4 Dead Spray
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March 19th, 2012

The spray starts out with a black space, then Boxxy appears to suddenly disppear again :p.

A couple of my L4D 2 buddies asked me to put animated boxxy sprays on this website, so they can download and use these too. So there you go. I had to delete frames (through GifSplitter), otherwise the files would be too big. I put the frames back together with VTFEdit.

Notice!: the sprays are based on gifs that I did not make myself. Credit 
for that goes to somebody else, unfortunately that person did not mention his name or anything else. The website where I found the gifs is a chan: http://chan.catiewayne.com/b/.

Tags:Left 4 Dead, Character, Poster, Funny

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